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But Marjorie maintains her popularity with columns in Woman and regional publications both here and in America. She began as a general reporter on the Glasgow Herald. After producing a BBC documentary on the paranormal, she began studying astrology and became the News of the World's astrologer.

The chain-smoking seer now casts her horoscopes in the South of France resort Banyuls sur Mer. Style: "An impromptu meeting with an old friend could take your mind back to past events that you would rather not think about. Background: Russell Grant used to be a camp, cuddly presence on breakfast television. This former musical comedy star was dubbed the Astrologer Royal after he presented the Queen Mother with her chart.

As well as writing horoscopes for more than regional titles, Russell has published more than 30 books and is into tarot, numerology, runes, goddess stones, and Aztec and Chinese astrology. He claims that his website receives 5,, hits a month and that his e-mail subscriber list exceeds a total of , members. Background: A born salesman who used to help his father flog furniture in Finchley, the enigmatic Justin studied at London's Faculty of Astrological Studies.

He claims to have more readers - 35 million - than Jonathan Cainer. This gangling, reclusive bachelor never gives private readings.

Weekly Horoscopes Starting on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Weekend Horoscopes Friday and Saturday

Background: He provokes huge peer-group jealousy as Britain's highest-earning columnist. Cainer's sometimes incomprehensible jottings have such a loyal fan base that he was enticed over four years from the Daily Mail to the Daily Express to the Mirror and back to the Mail. As well as his phone lines, this self-styled "unreconstructed hippie" has a website said to be the UK's fifth most popular site.

Background: She was the person in whom Princess Diana confided during her final traumatic eight years. She has never milked this link but it allows her to launch daft projects such as the Astro Plan Diet. Debbie has a degree in American studies at Nottingham University and later attended the Faculty of Astrological Studies. Style: "Cheeky flirtations have more serious undertones - they could come from someone who's more compatible than you realise.

Background: She is the youngest and only media astrologer to be a pure-bred Romany Gypsy. Claire left school at 15 to join the family fortune-telling booth on Brighton's Palace Pier. She met the publisher Richard Desmond in and became OK! As a cost-cutting exercise he briefly appointed her to be the Daily and Sunday Express clairvoyant as well.

This lively, divorced Brighton belle has two children but is now resolutely single "I'm more than one man can handle". Style: "Ruling planet Pluto is turned on by Venus, so you should end the weekend richer and more in love than you started it. Background: Her byline picture - shiny black hair, intense stare and high-collared red cloak - suggests a crystal-gazer on Southend Pier. In fact, she is a Tory-voting Notting Hill resident without a broomstick or black hat in sight.

Meg Lake aka Meg Markova is a former News of the World sub-editor and deputy editor of its colour magazine. She was raised in Manchester and learnt astrology from her Romany grandmother. She has stargazed for the NoW for 20 years and the Sun for five years. She has three racehorses in training and four mares at stud. Style: "Conflict in the skies over the weekend could make you wonder if a certain problem can be overcome.

Background: It's typical of the Torygraph that its astrologer should be an aristo, even if she is a retired hippy.

Brexit! True Predictions, New Predictions | Jessica Adams

Her baronet husband, Sir Mark Palmer, the Queen's former page of honour, spent years touring the West Country in a caravan. Lady P casts her horoscopes in an old farmhouse surrounded by horses and livestock. Her work eschews the materialism of her rivals, although she has her own 60p-a-minute Starlines. Style: "Full moons tend to trigger short-term craziness 'I shouldn't have tipped that drink over his head' and crystallize long-term problems.

Background: From New Musical Express editor to Observer culture correspondent to broadsheet "astrologist" sic is a big leap. Married with three children, he is the least commercial stargazer, with no phone lines, web presence or private consultations. His film musical, Bollywood Queen, almost won him independence from the journalistic grind. Style: "Don't make the mistake of thinking that, because previously tricky situations are suddenly going smoothly, you're in for a trouble-free run.

Daily Horoscopes by Zodiac Sign

Background: Yes, Shelley von Strunckel is her real Austrian name. She was born in California "but had an English nanny". Originally in fashion PR, Shelley has been a consulting astrologer for more than 25 years. Shelley and the former Daily Mail astrologer Peter Watson both claim to be the chosen heir of legendary Patric Walker. She also works for London's Evening Standard and Vogue. This sassy, Marylebone-based, Lockheed executive's daughter moved here in and was briefly married to a barrister.

Style: "Someone close is likely to become edgy, perhaps even tearful, under the influence of this week's full moon. Bike-riding Watson lives near the Oval cricket ground and gives private consultations to celebs, politicians and royalty. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists? Start your Independent Premium subscription today.

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The most insightful comments on all subjects will be published daily in dedicated articles. You can also choose to be emailed when someone replies to your comment. The existing Open Comments threads will continue to exist for those who do not subscribe to Independent Premium. Due to the sheer scale of this comment community, we are not able to give each post the same level of attention, but we have preserved this area in the interests of open debate.

Please continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates. Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile. Subscribe Now Subscribe Now. Final Say. Long reads. Lib Dems. US Politics. Theresa May. Jeremy Corbyn. Robert Fisk. Mark Steel. Janet Street-Porter.

John Rentoul. Chuka Ummuna. The standard seems really high this year, and is an absorbing watch! Kelvin Fletcher Kelvin Fletcher was drafted into the contest at […]. Gina Miller This week, with Parliament reconvening after an illegal prorogation, female MPs such as Hannah Sheriff and Jess Phillips described their rage at incendiary language used by the Prime Minister, which they felt put them at risk. Here are the next four contestants, and hopefully, you might have heard of at least one of them… Emma Barton Emma Barton plays […]. Strictly Come Dancing — Part 1 And now something completely different…from politics.

Here are my first four contestants. I struggled to find some that I already knew. Jamie Laing has already left the contest. As […] […]. Ruth Davidson, who has been Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party for the past 8 years, is a unique and capable politician, once hailed as a […]. Jair Bolsonaro For me the most important event of the week was the burning of the Amazon rainforest and its implications for the planet.

It describes the polarity between Leavers and Remainers: Leavers are the Capricorns who want to reset our borders and who have ambitions for the UK as an independent country; whereas Remainers are the Cancerians who feel a sense of belonging to the EU and value its care for people […].

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The people have spoken in the EU elections, and we are just as divided as ever! However, the message is that something has to be done about the Brexit issue, or the Tories and Labour will be in meltdown in a general election. The EU began as a response to the trauma of 2 World Wars - and probably further back too, to Napoleon. The founding idea was that Europe would unite politically - in an 'ever closer union' - so that these wars could not occur again.

Lea Ruffino

My contention is that, to a degree, this was trauma speaking, rather than 'emotion recollected in tranquillity […]. This is a painting from Jung's Red Book. I have it on my wall. It would be called the shaman's illness in a Siberian culture, when the spirits make you an offer you cannot refuse - not, at any rate, if you want your life back. What i […]. In London, Big Ben went silent in , and will remain so until at least In Paris, Notre Dame Cathedral has been partially burnt down. For both countries, national symbols have been damaged or suspended.

In the UK, we have Brexit. In France, there is a level of protest unseen since the 60s. Both countries are subject to major Pluto transits - in the c […]. Among those in the second half of life - that is to say, over 35 - there has not been one whose problem in the last resort was not that of finding a religious outlook on life. It is safe to say that every one of them fell ill because he had lost that which the living religions of every age have given their fol […].

Set yourself to beast mode! Declare your intentions and make a game-changing move. Here are seven tips for unleashing Flaunt your talents! Blending into the background is hardly an option with a full moon in firecracker Aries. Brace for some big personalities to take the stage, including your own.

Ritual: The Walk of Fame Read More The post Draw the Spotl […]. Scintillating sensuality ignites as love planet Venus enters Scorpio. Born on a cusp? Please note that dates for the zodiac signs can vary from year to year. To confirm your actual Sun sign, do a free chart here. Less is more! Saturday: Do those lofty ideas have staying power? The Capricorn quarter moon helps you sort the crops and pick a winner or two.

Please note that dates for the zodiac signs can vary from year to Illustrations by Grande Dame Aries March 21 — For those of you who track the void of course moons through the months, here is November Read more about the definition of the VOC and see how they can improve your timing. And as you get more involved Mars moves into Libra and expands our ability to make things happen. Whatever we plan to accomplish this week could take us to an entirely new level.

Lottery ads tell us you only need a dollar and a dream. But it is also helpful to have a list of lucky numbers to help spur the good fortune So with that in mind, here are some lucky numbers that can be used in any helpful way. I gazed into a pool of water, Nostradamus-like, and contemplated the cosmos.

Then I mixed the tarot cards and allow […]. Every discipline has a bunch of things to learn and astrology is one of them. Adding to the basics are a lot of conventions that sometimes intersect and sometimes contradict. I like to keep things simple. When I am asked Life becomes more passionate and intense over the next week. Use this time to enhance your surroundings, reach out to others and build your good karmic energies. Eight games in and already eight points behind. This was unthinkable at the start of the season.

It was true that everyone had the Premier League down as a two horse race, the new La Liga, but even so Manchester City were the favourites.

Since the Abu Dhabi buyout in , City have been by […]. They say you should never go back. Up until this year Zinedine Zidane had always demonstrated a magnificent sense of timing. Many footballers are superstitious but Napoli manager Maurizio Sarri takes the whole packet of digestives. He was an hour late for training one day because a black cat crossed his path and he had to stop his car and wait until another car passed him. But it was a quiet country road and no-one came […]. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. One of the great joys of astrology is […]. We all know that things are not perfect and that something should be done about the injustices that exist, but this week a late decision to take action to rectify a perceived wrong was taken based on debatable evidence that could have catastrophic consequences for the future of mankind.

Despite the fact that most of […]. The league table never lies. Arsenal have the Sun in Sagittarius. Since then ermmmm. Most people […]. On a good Pisces Moon Day, life can feel dreamy and romantic. Poetry can be written and read. Meditations go deeper. Soulmates can appear, or unite or reunite. Aquarius Moon Days have a slightly nerve-jangling quality. Or is that just me? Aquarius is all about modernization and progress.

And when the Moon is in Aquarius, the status quo might very well go. This trigger acts as something of a cosmic timer … Pluto recently went direct after four months of being retrograde. There could be issues… So today we have the emotional Moon is the especially sombre and sober sign of Capricorn. Cash, property and possessions are all subjects on the lunar chart […] The post Sagittarius Moonscope — 04 October appeared firs […].

Too, you may find yourself reacting to some […]. Photo by fotografierende from Pexels Venus enters Scorpio on October 8th. Scorpio intensifies all Venus matters so you may find yourself wanting something or someone specific. The purpose of the intensity is to take you to your limits so you can learn t […]. Scroll down the Patreon page until you get to "Recent Posts. Uranus casts its clear light of detachment and revolution on Mercury in Scorpio's shadowed words. The curtain is ripped back, the taboo is spoken out loud, the secret is exposed […].

The Libra Sun square Saturn on the same day adds a crisis of contrasting limits.

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On October 8th, Venus enters Scorpio. Relationships, finances and values will have […].

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FullMoon in Cancer is a time for family and focusing on the home. Solstice is a time for new cycles and beginnings. Sun in Capricorn is when we have high standards and think about long-term plans. MercuryInCapricorn is pragmatic and practical. JupiterInAquarius is a time for independence, ideals and morals. SaturnInAquarius is a time for creating real and lasting change. Make a difference and leave your mark. Ariens appreciate gifts that provide an outlet for their abundant Martian energy.

Aries Aries operate best as free agents, so go out to a mingling event where there are lots of people looking to network. Have a boys or girls night The post Solo this Valentin […]. Aries is the baby of the zodiac, and like a child, they have a certain me, me, me attitude, so put them on top of a pedestal all evening and lavish them with gifts and — above all else — compliments!

Taurus Taurus RAT: Thank your Rat lover for protecting and loving you so exclusively. And remember to say thanks as well for making you laugh and for providing for your well being and those of the ones you both love. Though your Rat mate may seem calm and collected, inside they are nervous as cats.

Give your favorite Rat luxuries. The post Valentine […]. Taurus is a fixed Earth sign, and this is perfect timing for honoring Earth Day. Our energies will naturally be drawn The post Mars […]. Lace up and jog for a cause with your family this holiday. Taurus Zodiac Sign It might sound corny, but little Taurus children love gifts of any kind. Start a Thanksgiving tradition of T […]. Happy October, Witches!

follow Your horoscopes for October are published with a companion Cosmic Playlistthat I curate in collaboration with Spotify. They are made with a lot of love and magic and we hope they help you cultivate more of the same. Your New Moon affirmation horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration and speak to the astrology from September 28 — October If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes.

They both contain important information. Take what […] The post Horoscopes for the New Moon […]. Libra season kicks off on September 23, and on the day that the sun enters Libra, we will experience equal day and night. The equinox will be brief—but for a moment, balance will befall us. There is nothing that Libra wants more than peace, harmony, and beautiful surroundings.

Astrological signs get their meaning, in part, […] The post Horoscopes for Libra S […]. They are meant to be read as inspiration. Your horoscopes for September are published with a companion Cosmic Playlistthat I curate in collaboration with Spotify. Innovative, grounded, and productive, September sorts us out so that we can get to the most important projects on our to-do list. Your new moon affirmation horoscopes cover the first 2 weeks of September.

Take what works for you, […] The post Horoscopes for the New Moon […]. They want to have a fulfilling life with a profitable career, satisfactory relationships and a family.